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Grow your volunteer team.


Volunteer Central enrols organisations who have opportunities for volunteers. Membership entitles you to a number of benefits as well as making you a part of the network of support for volunteering in the wider region.

Membership requires you to complete some simple forms, which we can be sent to you electronically and the payment of an annual fee (based on your organisations income)

  • Income up to $49,999                                    $50

  • Income between $50,000 and $200,000       $75

  • Income $200,001 or greater                          $100

  • Not a not-for-profit                                        $200


Free on request - contact Volunteer Central to see if you are eligible for a fee waiver.



The key roles Volunteer Central offers are:

  • Providing information on all aspects of volunteering

  • Recruitment of volunteers

  • Providing a referral service for registered organisations

  • Initial interviewing of potential volunteers

  • Provision of regular newsletters relating to supporting volunteering and links to related research and relevant information

  • Management support

  • A website with up-to-date information about us, member organisations and activities in the region

  • Support and training for coordinators of volunteers



Promote your cause

We can use our channels to help you promote your cause, opportunities, news and events.

How do Volunteer Central services work?


State of Volunteering Regional Report 2023

Volunteering in Aotearoa New Zealand remains strong, yet the volunteering experience can differ across regions. This report provides a finer-grained account of how volunteering practices and challenges differ across regions.

It focuses on key parameters in volunteering, including turnover rates, attitudes to the state of volunteering and volunteers’ subjective experience ratings (among other indicators), and how these differ across regions.

 - Volunteering New Zealand

State of Volunteering Regional Report.png

resources for organisations

Best Practice Guidelines | Te Anga Whaitake

A new tool to support volunteer engagement

Volunteers | tūao give their unpaid time and skills to communities and causes they believe in. This volunteering action needs to be nurtured and enabled. Our Guidelines are based on what volunteers need and offers easy steps for you to meet their needs. Seven practice areas, based on the volunteering life cycle journey have been identified.


 - Volunteering New Zealand

>> Download guidelines

Best Practice Guidelines 2023

State of Volunteering Report 2022

These bi-annual reports measure and explain volunteering.


Volunteering NZ uses the information to:

  • Provide sector leadership, strategy advice, and reliable statistics

  • Advocate for volunteering to decision-makers and government

  • Tailor professional development and resources for the sector.

>> Read more

 - Volunteering New Zealand

Access the report findings 

State of Volunteerong in Aotearoa 2022.jpg

Volunteer Managers and Leaders Survey

Research by Kappelides and Johnson shows that volunteer managers need to have resources, time and support from management to manage their volunteers.

We recently surveyed volunteer managers and leaders from across Aotearoa New Zealand. We heard from over 177 people from across the country. Their survey responses provided information on the experience of those involved in managing and supporting volunteers.

 - Volunteering New Zealand

>> Read the report

2023 Volunteer Managers-Leaders Survey.png

vnz 2023 Annual Report

In 2022/23 we worked with the sector to achieve a lot for volunteers and volunteering. This included a new campaign to recognise volunteers and new best practice guidelines.

- Volunteering New Zealand

>> Read the report


2022 IAVE Impact Report

We are pleased to present IAVE’s 2022 Annual Impact Report. 2022 has been an exciting year for our organization with the return of the World Volunteer Conference, the publication of our global corporate volunteering research report, the continued growth of our leadership networks and much more. We invite you to read the report to learn more about our impact and our commitment to enabling the leaders, organizations and environments that empower volunteers.

>> Read more



2022 IAVE Impact Report.png

Volunteering New Zealand Mahi Aroha Findings Report 2022

The Contributions of Tūao Māori

"Māori are amongst the highest likely to volunteer yet their contributions are under-represented in volunteering research. This gap has been filled by this important work stemming from focus group and surveys of volunteers as part of the State of Volunteering research 2021-22.

Grouped around five themes, the report has recommendations for organisations engaging with Māori, and commitments for Volunteering New Zealand to advocate for support for Tūao Māori.

>> Read the Executive Summary


                                                                                  - VNZ  

Volunteering New Zealand Mahi Aroha Findings Report 2022.png

Access the report 


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