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Volunteer Central enrols organisations who have opportunities for volunteers. Membership entitles you to a number of benefits as well as making you a part of the network of support for volunteering in the wider region.

Membership requires you to complete some simple forms, which we can be sent to you electronically and the payment of an annual fee (based on your organisations income)

  • Income up to $49,999                                    $50

  • Income between $50,000 and $200,000      $75

  • Income $200,001 or greater                         $100


Free on request - contact Volunteer Central to see if you are eligible for a fee waiver.



The key roles Volunteer Central offers are:

  • Providing information on all aspects of volunteering

  • Recruitment of volunteers

  • Providing a referral service for registered organisations

  • Initial interviewing of potential volunteers

  • Provision of regular newsletters relating to supporting volunteering and links to related research and relevant information

  • Management support

  • A website with up-to-date information about us, member organisations and activities in the region

  • Support and training for coordinators of volunteers



Promote your cause

We can use our channels to help you promote your cause, opportunities, news and events.

How do Volunteer Central services work?


Leadership for Volunteering: The COVID-19 Experience

"Strong leadership helped the volunteer sector respond to the COVID-19 pandemic globally, and will help ensure something positive comes out of it, according to a new report by International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE).

The report examines how COVID-19 has impacted the strategic leadership role of national Volunteer Leadership Organisations (VLOs) in advocacy, development and volunteer mobilisation during 2020-21. Data was gathered from organisations in 67 countries across the world.

Ongoing change and unpredictability are likely to be the hallmarks of the future of volunteering. However, relationships formed at the local, regional and multinational levels will continue to be important. Volunteer Leading Organisations will be influential in their strategic leadership role."

 - Volunteering New Zealand

Access the report findings 

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resources for organisations

2021 Annual Impact Report

Looking back, looking forward

Volunteering New Zealand presents the 2021 Annual Impact Report.

"We welcome you into the Volunteering New Zealand whānau, to take your place alongside Aotearoa’s indispensable volunteer community.

This report reveals a celebration of the steps we took as we strived to achieve our key strategic focus: Lead/Arataki, recognise/whakamana and advocate/hāpai for volunteers and volunteering at a national level.

We adapted to the ongoing impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and continued working as a team and collaboratively with the sector. We delivered research, advocacy, resources and provided sector support."                


                                                                                            - VNZ   


Access the report 

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Mahi Haumaru Aotearoa

Engaging volunteers during during the COVID-19 pandemic


Download and print the resources your organisation need: record keeping slips, stickers and a box template. You can also print posters to remind staff, customers and visitors to scan in


Mahi Haumaru Aotearoa

Assessing whether a specific role needs to be performed by a vaccinated worker

State of Volunteering Report 2020

State of Volunteering Reports

These bi-annual reports measure and explain volunteering. Volunteering NZ uses the information to:

  • Provide sector leadership, strategy advice, and reliable statistics

  • Advocate for volunteering to decision-makers and government

  • Tailor professional development and resources for the sector.

  • More than a third of respondents were concerned about an ageing workforce

  • More than a third said their biggest challenge was a lack of volunteers

  • The number of people volunteering for organisations dropped from 1.2M to 1M over the five years to 2018.

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 - Volunteering New Zealand

Access the report findings 



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