Volunteering roles available in Manawatu.

Keen to apply for it? Contact: info@volunteercentral.nz or 06 354 6027.

Prison Visiting

Visiting the prison to talk with prisoners, take requests from prisoners for property etc.

Prison Programmes

Support programs in the prison Dads ‘n’ Books. Each session runs for 5 weeks (approx. 4 sessions spaced out per year)

Health Shuttle (Driver or Drive helper)

Either drive or support driver to take people to health appointments in Feilding and Palmerston North. Vehicle provided.

Buddy Reading Volunteer

Visit local schools and spend time in the classroom to build intergenerational relationships, share stories, and help the kids develop their reading skills. Each school has slightly different needs, so our volunteers need to be adaptable and ready to support the class and their learning outcomes however the teacher requests.

Volunteer Coordinator

Coordinate our buddy reading volunteers who visit local schools and spend time in the classroom to build intergenerational relationships, share stories, and help the kids develop their reading skills. Prepare the weekly roster, find replacements for absences as needed, check-in regularly with volunteers, recruit and train new volunteers. Someone who has access to a car and is Feilding based or nearby. I would like the coordinator to take over training of new volunteers which sometimes requires going to them wherever they are in the District.

Youth Support Drivers

Require volunteers to provide transport for 1-2 valuable youth at a time and drive them to and from outdoor activities in the wider rural area.

Digital Support for Seniors

1:1 help with digital issues and learning for older people.

Digital Technology Mentor

Support and teaching digital technology using informal workshops and presentations


Assist with maintenance of gardens around the complex and units, working independently at times, and with unit owners/clients at other times.

Hand Massage

We are looking for volunteers to talk to the residents while giving them a hand massage. This is for companionship and friendship.

Cooking with Older People

Cooking with individuals or small groups of older people.

Shop Assistant

Work with residents to look after the shop.

Gardening Assistant for people with Dementia

Wanting people to help with the residents to weed the garden in our dementia wing.

Van Driver

To offer a van ride for our residents around-and-about Feilding.

Meditation and Relaxation leader

We are looking for someone that can lead a small group through meditation & relaxation techniques.

Piano Player or Organist / Musician Entertainer / Singing Leader

Someone able to play piano or organ - especially as an accompaniment to a sing-a-long, doesn't need to be perfect!
Willing and able to relate to the elderly.

One-to-One Companion / Builder's Companion / Artist's Companion

Seeking people that are able to work one on one with aging individuals for companionship in a supported environment.

Book Group Coordinater / Writing Stories

Helping to write the residents life stories. Making a book that their family can look at.

Elderly - Hobbies, Games, Crafts

Volunteers required who have interesting hobbies that they are willing to share � with a demonstration or talk. Volunteer that would like to play a variety of board/card games with the elderly. Looking for someone to help other staff with crafts and other activities

Walking and or Gardening with Seniors

volunteers required to take our residents for a walk around the gardens and maybe even to the dairy. between 10-11 on Mondays and Thursdays
Able to relate well with elderly. helping the elderly with planting inside and outside plants. Painting pots for the plants. Gardening with individuals or small groups of seniors.

Gardening, Growing and Cooking - Feilding area.

Assisting primary age children to gain understanding about gardening and end up cooking their produce. Gardening and cooking skills not essential - just like being around kids! Location: North Street Feilding and Taonui Schools

Coombrae Club Coordinator

Are you a lover of housie, games, and crafts? Would you like to lead a program for older people to enjoy games as much as you do? We are looking for a club coordinator for an afternoon club for older people in the community.

Coombrae Club Driver

Drivers are required for an afternoon club on Mondays from 2-4 pm. Drivers would be required for transport before and after those times, with opportunities to assist during the club as well. Services offered are about maximizing independence; supporting older people to continue to enjoy fulfilling lives. T

Outreach Volunteer

Would you like to spread the word about a great organization? Do you have a few spare hours to spend going around your community (perhaps on your bicycle/in your car)? Are you friendly and approachable? We'd love to have you! This care organization is looking for a promotions/outreach volunteer to do some postering to help get the word out about our community services.

Outreach Therapy Pets Volunteer

A programme has been developed to share animal companions in local resthomes and schools. The opportunity is available for people who have a close bond with their pet to be trained as Outreach Therapy Pet Volunteers.

Life Skills Mentor

Seeking people to be able to work 1:1 with individuals to develop their life skills - eg cooking, knitting, sewing, gardening, household management, parenting (these are just examples - if you have a skill that can be shared we'd love to hear from you!)
Involves weekly sessions of about an hour (usually) until the client achieves competence in the skill they are learning from you. Usually involves working in the client's own environment and with their own equipment.
This role is hugely rewarding for both parties involved and can make a huge difference in a client's life.

Activities Assistant

We are looking for volunteers to work with our Diversional Therapist, assisting with activities including , but not limited to supporting our residents with reading, assisting with cooking, gardening and participation in group activities.

Care Volunteer

Seeking volunteers to work with our care team assisting our elderly residents by helping with making and giving out morning/afternoon tea; helping those who need feeding assistance at meal times. Also assisting care staff and residents with managing their clean laundry/keeping rooms tidy.


Seeking volunteers to answer the Rest Home phone and take messages for staff, Monday to Friday 9am - 12 noon. Days worked will be negotiated with volunteers.

Caring Caller - regionally

Phoning someone on a regular basis to have a friendly chat.
Landline phone needed, not suitable for mobile calls.
High level of clearly spoken English, as many clients are elderly with hearing impairment.
Callers need commitment to continue if employed/gained employment as although not a huge time commitment, it is based on building a relationship via phone. Reliability and commitment to call client as arranged is essential.

Volunteer Mentor

As a mentor, you share with each member of this Agency, a valued reputation. We symbolise friendship, responsibility, trust, and a concern for the protection and well-being of children. As an integral part of our team, we expect that you will comply with the following:
Mentors will:
- be a friend to the child, and maintain contact on a regular and consistent basis
- be a consistent and positive role model by modelling responsible - behaviors such as reliability, respect, honesty, appropriate manners etc. along with a concern for the protection and wellbeing of children
- be supervised by the Agency Caseworker and will remain accountable to him/her.
Roles and Responsibilities
- Be clear in communication with the parent involved, particularly around contacts, timing, planned activities and other issues of concern
- Take the initiative in arranging outings with the mentee
- Always let the mentee know when he/she can expect to see you next
- Keep every appointment with the mentee unless it is impossible
- Allow the mentee to develop the friendship at his/her own pace
- Respect the role of the parent
- Notify the Agency of any address or phone number change, or any personal change that could impact the match
- Promptly report any concerns about the match to the Agency
- Respect the privacy and comfort level of the mentee and his/her family
- Maintain contact and work with the caseworker to clarify and resolve issues
- Abide by child abuse reporting protocol and legislation
- Follow Transportation Policy requirements
- Comply with agency standards regarding code of conduct and transportation of children policy
- In the event of match closure, be sensitive to the mentee's concerns and needs, and work with the Agency to facilitate a positive end to the match
Focus on friendship. Share experiences that will enable you both to learn and grow and HAVE FUN TOGETHER!

Board Minute Secretary

Do you have experience taking minutes for meetings?
This organisation is looking for a minute secretary to take minutes at their monthly board meetings. The role is for half a day per month with draft minutes post the meeting to be sent to the CEO for final circulation. Experience is preferred and confidentiality is a must, minute style is key note taking with summary of action points. Laptop can be provided.

Reading to Seniors

Reading to individuals or small groups of seniors. Books, newspapers etc - as needed. A Police check will be required

Outing Assistants

Outing assistants travel in the mobility vehicle when the home takes residents out to events, activities and trips.

To provide support to the driver, and assist the residents to ensure they have a safe and enjoyable time.

A driver and an assistant is needed for each outing. Police vetting will be processed.

Outings will be set around the availability of drivers and assistants.

Driving - Feilding

Regular drivers needed for a variety of outings. You will drive the mobility van, a car licence is okay. You will be given full orientation and training. A clean driving record and police check required. Each outing also has a helper to attend and support the driver.

Arts and Crafts with Seniors

Singing, artworks and craft works, scrapbooking with individuals or small groups of seniors. A good level of conversational English, and a Police check will be required.

Piano Player or Organist

Someone able to play piano or organ - especially as an accompaniment to a sing-a-long, doesn't need to be perfect! Willing and able to relate to the elderly. Days/time to suit, no need to be the same time and day each week.

Friendship Volunteer

Form friendship with a person with a disability
Take part in activities
Ongoing learning about disabilities
Can be highly experienced or have no experience

Piano Player or Organist

Playing the piano or organ for our chapel services when needed. Able to relate well with elderly.

Visitor to the Elderly

****Need to be a NZ Resident or Citizen****Age 18+years
Make a difference or support an older person who is lonely or socially isolated. Visit an older adult either in the community or in a rest home, for 1 hour each week. Are you a warm, caring, mature, reliable person who can build a rapport with an older person? Training and support provided, prior to introductions. We aim to match volunteer with clients who have interests in common & live nearby one another. References and Police check are required.