Volunteering roles available in Palmerston North.

Keen to apply for it? Contact: info@volunteercentral.nz or 06 354 6027.

Mechandising Support - Sorting and Pricing

Processing and pricing donated goods. Merchandising - moving stock from the processing area to the shop floor.
Ability to work unsupervised. Need to be able to handle a pricing gun. Taking product to display area. Communication skills both with the team and with the public. Cleaning of donated goods.

Location: Palmerston North

Monday - Friday: 1pm to 5pm (can choose one or more shifts over the week)
Saturday: 9.30 - 12 and 12 - 3.30 (can choose one or more shifts)
Saturday 10 - 2

Elderly - Hobbies, Games, Crafts

Volunteers are required to play games and/or encourage residents to take up a craft or hobby
Must be vaccinated for Covid 19

Location: Palmerston North

Dates/Hours: To be agreed

Walking with the Elderly

Volunteers required to take our residents for a walk around the gardens and maybe even to the dairy. Must be vaccinated for Covid 19

Location: Palmerston North

Dates/Hours: Any day, 9 am-3 pm.

Event pack up

Assist with taking down gazebos, picking up rubbish and emptying bins, ensuring any found property is handed to designated person.

Location: Highbury

Dates/Hours: Saturday 17/12/22 from 3pm - 5pm

Event activity support

Support coordinator of game/activity stations at an event for children and families.

Location: Highbury

Dates/Hours: Saturday 17/12/11 from 09.30 am - 3 pm

Event hospitality support for Kaumatua/Elders

We need up to 10 volunteers to support and delivery hot and cold drinks, kai/food to kaumatua/elders in an inside environment.
Assist food vendors as required.
Maintain a clean tidy environment.

Location: Highbury

Dates/Hours: Saturday 17/12/2022 from 9.30 am - 3 pm

Event Set Up

We need up to 20 volunteers to assist event organisers and stall holders to set up for a one day event for children. May involve assisting to put up gazebos, banners, rubbish bins etc.

Location: Highbury

Dates/Hours: 17/12/2022 from 7 am - 9.45 am

Volunteer Youth Leaders

Join our established outstanding volunteer teams as a Leader in providing meaningful opportunities for our girls and volunteer leaders. Support girls to drive their own learning through fun, challenging and exciting programmes that lead to recognition and awards.
In return, you will be provided with leadership opportunities, exposure, ongoing training, support and lifelong comradery. Police vetting and background checks are required plus 2 character references.

Location: Palmerston North

Dates/Hours: 2 - 3 hours per week in term time.
Weekend camps at times.

Classroom Volunteers

Help in the classroom with small group activities supporting primary school age children to build self esteem and self confidence. The programme is provided during school term time and training will be required prior to this.
Assist in the emotional development of children to increase their capacity to be caring members of their family, school, and community.

Location: Palmerston North

Dates/Hours: 4 hours per shift, to commence on 10/2/2023.

St John Hospital Hosts Palmerston North

This volunteer position interacts directly with the public entering the main entrance to the hospital to provide direction as necessary to all hospital facilities including wards and clinics. Volunteers are stationed in the main foyer of the hospital and on rare occasions may be required to escort a visitor to their destination.

Location: Palmerston North

Dates/Hours: 4 hour shift once a week 8 am to 12 noon or 12 noon till 4 pm

Visitor to the Elderly

Make a difference and support an older person who is lonely or socially isolated. Visit an older adult either in the community or in a rest home.
Are you a warm, caring, mature, reliable person who can build a rapport with an older person?
Training and support provided, prior to introductions.
We aim to match volunteers with clients who have interests in common & live nearby one another.

Please note:
The whole process can take three months. Lining up appointments, Police Checks & referee checks, then Training and introducing the Volunteer to the Client.

****Need to be a NZ Resident or Citizen****Age 18+years

Location: Palmerston North & Manawatū

Dates/Hours: 1 hour a week by arrangement (any day of week)

Van Driver's Assistant

Assist residents on and off the van, ensure safety belts are fastened and help residents get around at the location.
*Volunteers must be vaccinated for Covid 19*

Location: Palmerston North

Dates/Hours: Every second Wednesday 12.45 - 3 pm.

Interviewers at CAB 2023

The range of the role requires the interviewer to respond to enquiries on most topics, in any medium, as part of CAB’s provision of a “universal service”.
Interactions with the client may take the form of:
• Browsing: providing information clients can self-access with the option of having interaction with a Bureau interviewer.
• Quick reference: helping a client with a quick answer.
• Interview: a structured interview with a client which provides information, advice and support to meet the client’s individual needs.

Location: Palmerston North

Dates/Hours: One 2.5-hour duty weekly, with one duty per fortnight being the minimum requirement.

Refugee Support Volunteer (RSV)

We need volunteers to help refugee families to become settled and independent. Advocacy, Befriending, Driving (clients), Driving (e.g. courier), Family Support (e.g. refugees), Mentoring, Shopping, Visiting.

New Refugee Support Volunteer Training dates for PN 2022:
1. Saturday 15th October, 9.30am- 3.00pm
2. Sunday 16th October, 9.30am- 3.00pm
Must be able to commit to all training days.
This training is in preparation for the next intake of former refugee families arriving in Palmerston North in November.

Location: Palmerston North

Dates/Hours: Minimum of 2 hours per week. Maximum of 8 hours per week.

Digital Inclusion Tutor

A PN based Information Technology charity is looking for enthusiastic, people friendly, IT savvy volunteers to help tutoring families with school aged children.
You will aid with induction and follow up lessons, teaching the basic use of Chromebook, Google Application, online security, and be placed on a roster list choosing freely when you can help depending on your availability.
Most importantly you will be part of a great team that aims to reduce the digital divide in Palmerston North, plus the opportunity to take the Google "Certified Educator" exams (level 1 and 2) and be part of PN City Council IT events support.

Location: Palmerston North

Dates/Hours: Approximately 4 hours per month. Hours and times to suit volunteer to cover family follow up (generally 1 hour long).

Esplanade Railway Assistant

There are 3 roles: guards, drivers and cashiers.
Volunteers will start as guards. They will then be given the opportunity to get their driver's licence to do the driving. When they have been proven trustworthy, they will become cashiers.
Guards - assist getting the public on and off the train and ensure they have a safe ride.
Drivers - assist the public getting on and off the train and drive the train.
Cashiers - greet the public, sell the tickets and answer any questions.
All roles assist with getting ready for the day and closing down at the end of the day.

Location: Palmerston North

Dates/Hours: 12 - 4.30 pm twice a month and during the school holidays.

Repair Cafe Hosts/Front of House/Cafe Support

We need volunteers to general oversight and direct clients to appropriate table. Provide support as Hosts, Front of House and Cafe support (3 roles available).

Location: Palmerston North

Dates/Hours: Last Saturday of the month.
9.30 am set up: 10 am cafe opens: 2 pm cafe shuts and pack up.


We are looking for a registered electrical worker to be a volunteer with expertise in, i.e. electronics, technology, metalwork, electrical, jewellery repair, general repairs and woodwork to assess an item (which must be able to be carried by the client) to assess if repairable. Carry out small repairs. The intention of the service is to provide a free assessment and any repair work to be undertaken in the community.

Location: Palmerston North

Dates/Hours: 9.30 am to 2 pm on the last Saturday of every month.

Social Media Volunteer

To help us manage our Facebook pages which are the main social media platform that we use for:
• Age Concern Palmerston North and Districts
• AgeConnect Manawatū

Key responsibilities of the role:
1. Maintaining and monitoring our social media accounts
2. Collaborate on content to be posted including researching and creating content
3. Promote the day-to-day work of our organisation, services, and programmes
4. Promote other relevant organisations, groups, or social activities
5. Schedule and publish content
6. Increase public engagement with our social media
7. Train relevant staff on using social media

The objective is that older people, their family/whanau and other service providers are provided with:
• Promotion of our services and programmes
• Information relevant to older people
• Providing information on what is available socially for older people in Palmerston North and Manawatū Districts

Location: Palmerston North

Dates/Hours: To be agreed

Walking Volunteer in Companion Walking Service

Walking with an older person to provide conversation and companionship so that the older person feels socially connected, as well as getting exercise. Many older people want to go for a walk but do not feel safe walking alone, and have no one they can call upon to walk with them.
- Meet with the older person at their home, or elsewhere as agreed with the person.
- Walk with them for up to 60 minutes. The older person will decide. The walking route should be decided upon by the older person, but should be somewhere they can safely negotiate (along good pavements or walkway paths).
- Carry a mobile phone in case there is an accident.

Location: Palmerston North

Dates/Hours: One hour per week or as otherwise agreed and dependent on the weather.

Home Service Volunteers

Help library patrons select books to read and return read ones to the library.
Home Service volunteers can either make book selections (flexible days/times) for our housebound patrons or deliver and return items on scheduled delivery days (once or twice a month).

Location: Palmerston North

Dates/Hours: Any time once or twice a month

Pre-School Programmes Volunteer

Volunteers are required to support the preschool programming. These are fun programmes incorporating music, stories and activities. This programme is held during term time. Minimum age to apply is 18 years of age.

Location: Palmerston North

Dates/Hours: There is the option to commit to approximately one to two mornings per week term time (approx. 9.30 am -11.30 am incl. set up/pack down) or to be our casual on-call support when required.

Peace Education programme in the community

Facilitating a 10 module programme based on mindfulness and self awareness for people released from prison and their whanau. Increase sense of belonging and connection between whanau and the community.

Location: Palmerston North

Dates/Hours: One day per week

Prison Programmes

Two programmes run in the prison: Dads n Books which involves assisting people in custody to make a book for them to give to their children. Peace Education programme - Run a 10-module programme (one session per week) based on mindfulness and self awareness.

Location: Linton

Dates/Hours: Friday morning


Taking property out to the prison on a Tuesday and/or Thursday, bringing property back from the prison to the office. Driving clients to booked prison visits

Location: Palmerston North, Linton

Dates/Hours: Property Runs Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. Visitor driving various days and times for approx. an hour and a half per visit.

Board Members

Seeking up to 2 new Board Members for a not-for-profit organisation based in Palmerston North. In particular, seeking someone that can take on the role of Treasurer and someone who is skilled in policy development and governance. The Board is keen to increase its diversity. Great opportunity to increase skills.

Location: Palmerston North

Dates/Hours: 6 hours per month.
Board meets 3rd Tuesday of the month @ 6.30 pm (max. 2 hours).

Board Members

Community-minded people to join our board - Marketing and Sponsorship: Lobbying who:
• Have a genuine interest in helping all New Zealanders become, and remain fitter, through regular exercise – in our case cycling. This can mean as a sport, recreational or commuting.
• Knowledge or experience with the sport of cycling would be an advantage, but not essential.
• Have previous or current board member experience (or similar), as we are looking to increase the level of governance and leadership the board provides to the organisation with various committees and sub-committees undertaking the fulfilment of our activities and events. ** Other portfolios may be available.

Location: Palmerston North

Dates/Hours: Board meeting normally 1.5 hours per month - remote participation as required.

Driving Mentor

Help former refugees gain their driver's licence.

Location: Palmerston North

Dates/Hours: One hour twice a week (flexible in any daylight hours) for 16-20 weeks.


To support women by choosing clothing and accessories that meet their needs.

Location: Palmerston North

Dates/Hours: Rostered according to volunteers' availability.

Clothing Sorters

Unpack, sort and price clothing and accessory donations ready for the showroom.

Location: Palmerston North

Dates/Hours: Alternate Sundays from 1 - 4 pm.
Wednesday mornings from 9 - 12 pm.
Thursday afternoons from 3 - 5 pm.

Clothing Coordinator

Stock coordinating role for clothing and accessories. Not a front-facing role.

Location: Palmerston North

Dates/Hours: 10 hours per week

Grants Writer

We are in need of a volunteer with previous experience in writing grants to manage the Grants process, including but not limited to, the identification of possible Grants, completion of Grant applications, and liaison with the Grant provider.

Location: Palmerston North

Dates/Hours: To be discussed and agreed to by the organization.

Radiotherapy Department Volunteer

Purpose of Position
To contribute to the well-being of people affected by cancer and undergoing treatment in the Radiotherapy Department by creating an empathetic and nurturing environment during their time in the department, complementing the services provided by the health professionals. Volunteers are present primarily for the patients, their families and caregivers.

Key Functions and Responsibilities
• To provide support for patients and whanau as required.
• To respond to requests to escort patients to other departments as required, but not to be responsible for the equipment.
• To respond to requests to navigate patients within the service. To settle the patient and caregiver/interpreter in readiness for a clinical appointment.
• To work with staff to inform patients of possible waiting times.

Location: Palmerston North

Dates/Hours: Each shift is 4 hours, depending on how many shifts volunteers would like to sign up.

Day Ward Hospital Volunteer

Purpose of Position
To contribute to the well being of people affected by cancer and undergoing treatment in hospital by creating an empathetic and nurturing environment for their waiting time in the Day Ward complementing the services provided by the health professionals.

Day Ward Hospital Volunteers are present primarily for the patients; to be there for
them and their caregivers.

Key Tasks
• To be available on a regular basis at the Day Ward to assist in the maintenance of a caring environment.
• To assist with patient comfort in various ways e.g: reading newspaper, magazine articles or chapter of book, etc
• To orientate new patients to radiology, nuclear medicine, blood labs, pharmacy and other departments as required.
• To facilitate patient links with key Day Ward personnel and Cancer Society Support Services.
• To undertake regular in-service training with the Cancer Society.

• Functional relationship with Day Ward Coordinator.
• Accountable to the Cancer Society Volunteer Coordinator and Area Manager.

Location: Palmerston North

Dates/Hours: Each shift is 4 hours, so dependent on how many shifts volunteers would like to sign up.

English Language Tutors

To provide English language skills and social support for effective resettlement of adult refugees and migrants in Aotearoa NZ.

Location: Palmerston North

Dates/Hours: To be discussed

Van drivers / Co-drivers / Bus support person for Just Brass Programme

You will be rostered onto a team that collects children from their schools, bring them to our centre for music lessons and then return them home by van and buses.

Location: Palmerston North

Dates/Hours: Thursdays: 2-3.30pm and 5-7.30pm.

Foodbank Support Workers

Packing food parcels, guiding clients, stocking shelves, general cleaning of area, packaging food and possibility of learning to assess clients.

Location: Palmerston North

Dates/Hours: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays (flexible). 4 hours (9 am-1 pm)
This is a permanent rostered position, but flexibility is preferred to help cover sick leave.

Soup Cafe Assistants

Assist with duties in our soup cafe.

Location: Palmerston North

Dates/Hours: Fridays 9am-1.30pm


The receptionists are often the first people that our clients connect with when they contact us, so this is a vital role within the organisation.

As part of our 3000-strong network of volunteers, our receptionists have a vital role in helping to support and reassure those seeking our help [at what can be a difficult time].

What this role brings to the organisation:

• Greeting visitors in a warm and friendly manner
• Attending to the lounge/waiting area
• Answering the telephone in a polite and professional manner and direct calls appropriately
• Ensuring the reception desk is attended as rostered
• Assisting in the upkeep and tidiness of the reception and other allocated areas
• Maintaining a positive and professional attitude

Location: Palmerston North

Dates/Hours: Hours are flexible within business hours from Monday to Friday and will be arranged with you once you get started.

Shuttle Drivers

As part of the volunteer shuttle service, you will transport patients and other users in and around Palmerston North Hospital Site.

Location: Palmerston North

Dates/Hours: 4 shifts of 2 hours per month.


Maintain edible garden by planting/watering seeds, fruit and vegetables. Keep planter boxes tidy and area free of weeds and leaves.

Location: Palmerston North

Dates: Between Monday to Friday, as required and suitable to volunteer.

Hours: Between 9 am - 5 pm, as required and suitable to volunteer.


Day-to-day accounting and administration; Monthly financial reporting to the Board; Cashflow forecasting and related advice to the Board; Participation in strategic planning; Funding applications, and assisting in their preparation; Annual financial reporting and the audit process; Design, maintenance and review of internal controls; Assistance with maintaining Trust policies.

Location: Palmerston North

Dates: To be discussed

Hours: The time commitment can vary from 2-3 hours a week to several hours depending on meeting schedules or any specific time-intensive activities.

Digital Technology Mentor

Support and teach digital technology using informal workshops and presentations. Enable seniors to navigate the internet and use their mobile phones successfully.

Location: Palmerston North

Dates: Wednesdays

Hours: 10 am - 2 pm

Digital Support for Seniors

Help with digital issues and learning for older people. Enhance their lives through using digital technology.

Location: Palmerston North

Dates: Wednesdays

Hours: 10 am - 2 pm

Greeting Guests

Answer the front doorbell and hand out RAT tests to all visitors. Check that the tests are negative, then admit the guests.
Must be willing to complete a RAT test each time they come, be over 18 and fully vaccinated and boosted.
Patient, polite and helpful.

Location: Palmerston North

Dates: Monday to Friday

Hours: 10 am - 2 pm

Information and Communications Team Leader (ICT TL)

The purpose of this role is to provide leadership and guidance to the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) cell of NDCT, and ensure that the ICT cell is delivering on its key tasks. The role also involves co-ordinating activities with the Operations, Administration and Training Team Leaders while being responsible for the overall performance of the ICT cell. Team Leaders are responsible for the wellbeing of their teams; this involves monitoring workloads and stress levels of the team and co-ordinating with the General Manager and any other person deemed necessary to ensure nobody is over-stressed.

• A strong sense of discretion (due to the nature of the information this role has access to);
• Proficiency with the Better Impact system;
• Reasonable competency in basic computer skills;
• Good communications skills and assertiveness to monitor and follow-up on key tasks as required; and
• A proactive nature.

Location: Palmerston North

Dates: Reasonable availability on a weekly basis

Hours: 3-5 hours per week, but may vary.

Better Impact Administrator

The Better Impact Administrators (BI Admins) assist with regularly maintaining case documentation and other administrative requirements relating to responses. This may be a dual role with individuals also holding an Operations Manager role at the same time. This role requires very regular involvement in operations activities to stay on top of current cases.

Personality-wise, ideally someone with some life experience, preferably with exposure to mental illnesses and injuries. Having a military or veteran background isn't necessary, our volunteer induction package that comes online next month will teach and explain what they require to know in that regard.

A strong sense of discretion (due to the nature of the information this role has access to);
• Reasonable competency in basic computer skills;
• Reasonable availability on a weekly basis;
• Good communications skills and assertiveness to monitor and follow-up on responses as required;
• A proactive nature.
• Urgency. All requests for support must be treated as urgent until proven otherwise.
• Privacy and consent. Many requests for support are of a sensitive nature; privacy must be maintained, and consent obtained before sharing information.

Good communication will reduce anxiety, increase trust and confidence, and promote engagement of support services.

Location: Palmerston North

Dates: Reasonable availability on a weekly basis

Hours: 3-5 hours per week, but may vary.

Administration Team Leader

Be the lead Administrator for the Trust, while overseeing the work of any other administrative roles. Also involves working closely with the Treasurer on a regular basis, while coordinating activities with the Operations and Training team leaders.

• A strong sense of discretion (due to the nature of the information this role has access to);
• Excellent organisational skills;
• Reasonable competency in computer skills and access to a laptop or equivalent with a reasonable internet connection;
• Good communications skills and assertiveness to monitor and follow-up on key tasks as required;
• A proactive nature;
• Proficiency with the Better Impact system; Xero, internet banking, SharePoint, Zoom and other common software systems; and
• A good understanding of the Trust structure and regular administrative requirements.

Location: Palmerston North

Dates: Reasonable availability on a weekly basis

Hours: 3-5 hours per week, but may vary.

Sewing Mentor

Volunteers needed to teach others to sew or take part in our sewing projects.
1 - 1 with individuals to develop sewing skills.

Location: Palmerston North

Dates/Hours: Weekly sessions of about an hour.

Social Media and Marketing

Promote organisation on social media and undertake marketing. Work from home.

Location: Palmerston North

Dates/Hours: Suit volunteer

Funding and Grants Officers

Be part of a team working on funding and grants applications.

Major Incident Support Team Member

4 role types: Admin - tracking patients, staff and vehicles - making sure the paperwork is done.
Comms - Specialist communications within a Command Unit. Welfare - looking after staff - watered and fed etc. Logistics - Police, Child and Young Person and driver licence checks. Full vaccination required.


Looking for someone who would be interested in gardening, take care of plants, and landscaping

Centre's Back of House

Back of House volunteers will be responsible for but not limited to: - animal's food preparation. - cleaning. - enrichment (ex. creating toys for birds). PPE will be provided but volunteers will bring their own clothes. Volunteers need to be comfortable getting dirty, and aware that getting hit by bird poop is a possibility.

Volunteer Hosts NZ Rugby Museum

In-depth knowledge of rugby is not required, however, if you enjoy meeting people and making them welcome to our museum

Board Members

Active Board member that leads the strategic direction of a Palmerston North based residential support facility.

Location: Palmerston North

Dates/Hours: 6 hours per month including meeting third Wednesday of month 5.30 - 7pm

Sound technician

Looking for someone with electrical and sound knowledge to assist a charity to improve their existing system, and also to manage the system during events.

Centre's Front of House

Front of house volunteering involves people interaction in several situations: - Visitor hosting (greeting, guiding, being a friendly face) - Tour Guiding (personalised tours for private bookings) - Education programme. - Event days.

Friends of the Garden

Garden of Tranquility - a small private garden within the hospital grounds.
Light gardening such as dead heading, gentle weeding etc.
General garden maintenance - nothing heavier than sweeping the path and smelling the roses. Perhaps planting annuals. People who are able to give a few hours a month as needed - rostered if required and who are interested in gardening are welcome to apply.
Parking costs covered.


Listening to callers who may be stressed, suicidal, lonely, or experiencing family or relationship issues.

You will work in pairs from Samaritans' call centre in Hancock Community House, 77 King Street, Palmerston North.

Feel good while providing a very worthwhile service to needy people.


Good communicators who we can train/upskill to offer a four-hour shift per month to patrol in the community, in pairs as tasked by police.

Share your Interests with Seniors

Share your hobbies with residents at Willard Home in Russell Street.

Singing, painting, crafts, knitting, cross words, dance, reading poetry, making things, fixing things, card making, scrapbooking, family history.

A good level of conversational English required.

Police check required.

Curtain Bank

Assist with sorting and repairing of curtains for distribution to families in need.
Some sewing, ironing.

Charity Shop Volunteer, Hokowhitu

Sorting donated goods. Front-of-shop work and dealing with customers. Processing sales and providing good shopping experience.


Planting and landscaping.

Location currently does not currently have wheelchair/disability toilets, and the ground is uneven, but is accessible.

Some tasks can be done from home.

Plant Care

Care of the plants (seedlings)
Caring for seedlings at home to encourage their development before planting into their final locations.

Management Committee Member/Support Person

Support of ex-prisoners who are residents, and generally helping to maintain the house.

Retail/Clothes Sorter

Clothing Books and donated goods sorting
Position description is available

Environmental Support Roles

Administration/Committee Roles.
A variety of roles available and can be done from home as needed. May be meetings to attend and events.

Physical Location currently does not currently have wheelchair/disability toilets, and the ground is uneven, but is accessible.

Friend of the Emergency Dept

Provide comfort and support to patients and family while waiting in ED.
Non-clinical role.

Shifts are 10am-2pm, 2pm-6pm, 6pm-10pm (1 shift, Runs 7 days a week)

Outreach Therapy Pets Volunteer

A programme has been developed to share animal companions in local resthomes and schools. The opportunity is available for people who have a close bond with their pet to be trained as Outreach Therapy Pet Volunteers.

Music Enthusiast

We are looking for an individual or group to provide music activities to our residents. This can either be through playing an instrument or singing and providing entertainment or forming a singing group with the residents. Any form of activity that involves music would be appreciated.

Life Skills Mentor

Seeking people to be able to work 1:1 with individuals to develop their life skills - eg cooking, knitting, sewing, gardening, household management, parenting (these are just examples - if you have a skill that can be shared we'd love to hear from you!)
Involves weekly sessions of about an hour (usually) until the client achieves competence in the skill they are learning from you. Usually involves working in the client's own environment and with their own equipment.
This role is hugely rewarding for both parties involved and can make a huge difference in a client's life.

Location: Palmerston North

Dates/Hours: 1 hour per week, but needs to be available during the work week


Someone with similar experience
Senior/Retired who can help us run our non-profit organisation.

Caring Caller - regionally

Phoning someone on a regular basis to have a friendly chat.
Landline phone needed, not suitable for mobile calls.
High level of clearly spoken English, as many clients are elderly with hearing impairment.
Callers need commitment to continue if employed/gained employment as although not a huge time commitment, it is based on building a relationship via phone. Reliability and commitment to call client as arranged is essential.

Housekeeping Volunteers - Day and Evening

Housekeeping at our organisation involves cleaning the unit, cleaning patient rooms and bathrooms, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning windows and giving out morning tea.

Fundraising Coordinator

Identify with Trust or administrator the grants available in each year
Develop a funding plan with dates
Create a transparent system to show funds received and banked
Accept donations and pass on to administration
If there are concerns with the Health and Safety at TWK, please report it to the administrator.
Inform or check with the senior Volunteer on duty or the Administrator if you are unsure of any thing
Provide support for other activities if able.
Work with administrator to ensure tasks are complete and the Trustees informed in a monthly financial report.

Trainer Assistant

Support staff to develop and deliver quality education and training to community and staff members.
Identify and utilise resources to ensure quality training.
Attend training meetings as required.
Survey community for education and training needs and promoting training.
Pick up participants as required.
Maintain van log.
Provide support for other activities if available.
Provide peer support off people accessing the service.

Administrator Assistant

Maintain statistics systems.
Support staff.
Accept donations and pass to Administrator for banking.
Report any safety issues with TWK van.
Support other TWK events when available.
Provide peer support, refer those needing additional support to the Administrator.
Report on health and safety concerns in the work place.

Koha Shop Volunteer

Receive donations, record and sort.
Support and encourage peer/friend performing duties.
Fill in stats book when people access support.
Provide support during community activities.
Support people accessing the shop and refer to administrator when further support required.
Attend community events as staff member of Te Whare Koha

Gardener and Assistant

Manaaki/ look after whanau that access support from Te Whare Koha (TWK).
Maintain and develop the organic community veggie garden at TWK
Harvest veggies for the garden
Work as a team member
Maintain garden soil with compost, weeding and planting with organic practices
Water as required
Utilise TWK van and trailer to collect plants, soil, compost and other materials
Coordinate others to maintain the Veggie garden
Keep surrounding areas in the yard tidy
Accept donations from people and pass on to administration
If there are concerns with the health and safety in the work place please report to the administrator.
Inform or check in the senior Volunteer on duty or the Administrator if you are unsure of any thing
Provide support for other activities if able
The head gardener will coordinate the gardening team.
Staff can be provided with a letter to WINZ for undertaking 16 hours voluntary work and reference acknowledging the skills and time they have given to the community.

Volunteer Administrator

Manaaki/ look after whanau that access support from Te Whare Koha (TWK).
Transport people to health and social service appointments in the TWK van
Drive to collect donations and for other activities undertaken by TWK
Work as a team member
Pick up donations, record in the donations book and inform hokohoko /shop staff
Transport people to health and social services appointments
Accept donations from people and pass on to administration
Maintain the TWK van by keeping it clean, checking tires, oil and water, ensure warrant and registration is up to date.
If there are concerns with the safety of the TWK van please report to the administrator.
Maintain Van log book
Inform or check in the senior Volunteer on duty or the Administrator if you are unsure of any thing
Provide support for other activities if able.
Provide peer support for people accessing your service or forward people to the administrator if they require further support.


Manaaki/ look after whanau that access support from Te Whare Koha (TWK).
Transport people to health and social service appointments in the TWK van
Drive to collect donations and for other activities undertaken by TWK
Work as a team member
Pick up donations, record in the donations book and inform hokohoko /shop staff
Transport people to health and social services appointments
Accept donations from people and pass on to administration
Maintain the TWK van by keeping it clean, checking tires, oil and water, ensure warrant and registration is up to date.
If there are concerns with the safety of the TWK van please report to the administrator.
Maintain Van log book
Inform or check in the senior Volunteer on duty or the Administrator if you are unsure of any thing
Provide support for other activities if able.
Provide peer support for people accessing your service or forward people to the administrator if they require further support.

Volunteer Mentor

Time Commitment: a few hours a week for a minimum of one year.

As a mentor, you share with each member of this Agency, a valued reputation. We symbolise friendship, responsibility, trust, and a concern for the protection and well-being of children. As an integral part of our team, we expect that you will comply with the following:
Mentors will:
- be a friend to the child, and maintain contact on a regular and consistent basis
- be a consistent and positive role model by modelling responsible - behaviors such as reliability, respect, honesty, appropriate manners etc. along with a concern for the protection and wellbeing of children
- be supervised by the Agency Caseworker and will remain accountable to him/her.
Roles and Responsibilities
- Be clear in communication with the parent involved, particularly around contacts, timing, planned activities and other issues of concern
- Take the initiative in arranging outings with the mentee
- Always let the mentee know when he/she can expect to see you next
- Keep every appointment with the mentee unless it is impossible
- Allow the mentee to develop the friendship at his/her own pace
- Respect the role of the parent
- Notify the Agency of any address or phone number change, or any personal change that could impact the match
- Promptly report any concerns about the match to the Agency
- Respect the privacy and comfort level of the mentee and his/her family
- Maintain contact and work with the caseworker to clarify and resolve issues
- Abide by child abuse reporting protocol and legislation
- Follow Transportation Policy requirements
- Comply with agency standards regarding code of conduct and transportation of children policy
- In the event of match closure, be sensitive to the mentee's concerns and needs, and work with the Agency to facilitate a positive end to the match
Focus on friendship. Share experiences that will enable you both to learn and grow and HAVE FUN TOGETHER!

Toy Library Assistant

Assist Toy Library Coordinators with the smooth running of the toy library including:
- recording returns and issuing of toys
- counting and checking parts
- tidying toys on shelves
- re-uniting toy parts & renewing packaging
- welcoming members/public and providing information
Computer skill are required to a level of being able to utilise the organisation database.
Volunteers need to be: patient with children and parents, confident with counting , methodical, and able to cope in an environment which can be busy and noisy.

Weekend Cards & Games

Playing cards and games with residents.

Weekend Van Driver

To offer a weekend van ride for our residents around-and-about Palmerston North.

Gardening with Seniors

Assistance required to help potter around the raised gardens, alone or with a resident as they feel able.
Spot weeding, planting, trimming - no "BIG" work needed, all equipment available through the Home.

Meditation and Relaxation Leader

We are looking for someone that can lead a small group through meditation & relaxation techniques.

Singing Leader

Lead a small group of residents to sing.

Hobby Enthusiast

Enthusiastic people who have interesting hobbies that they could share with elderly residents.
These could be one-off visits/demonstrations or ongoing sessions that involve the residents with hands on activities.

Cards & Games

Playing cards and games with residents.


Companions. People that will sit and talk with our residents about day to day life.

Musician, Entertainer

Musicians required to entertain groups of elderly residents on an informal basis.

Board Minute Secretary

Do you have experience taking minutes for meetings?

The Manfeild Park Trust Board is looking for a minute secretary to take minutes at their monthly board meetings.

The role is for half a day per month with draft minutes post the meeting to be sent to the CEO for final circulation.

Experience is preferred and confidentiality is a must, minute style is key note taking with summary of action points.

Laptop can be provided.

Food Rescue Driver/Pickups

As a driver, you will be out and about the city collecting surplus food. We have a prearranged schedule that we keep, so you will need to be organised and timely.

Volunteers required to assist with picking up and delivering food for a local food charity. We would need you to be cheerful and able to lift. Drivers license is not essential for support persons but we are also seeking drivers (full licence required).

Location: Palmerston North

Dates: Monday to Friday slots are available.

Hours: From 10:30 am - 3 pm and/or from 3:15 pm - 6 pm

Hand Massage for the Elderly

We are looking for volunteers to talk to the residents while giving them a hand massage. This is for companionship
and friendship.

Outing Assistants

Outing assistants travel in the mobility vehicle when the home takes residents out to events, activities and trips. To provide support to the driver, and assist the residents to ensure they have a safe and enjoyable time.A driver and an assistant is needed for each outing. Police vetting will be processed. Outings will be set around the availability of drivers and assistants.

Church Service Pianist

Are you, or have you been, a church pianist or organist? Do you know, love, and play "old" hymns and songs? I would love to meet you.

We at Willard Rest Home offer residents a weekly church service in our lounge. The service is usually on a Tuesday or Wednesday morning at 11am. We would love a pianist to join us, and help us sing our songs and hymns during the service.

Volunteer Driving Mentors

Volunteer driving mentors needed to help former refugees to learn to drive. A practice vehicle with dual control system and full training will be provided. A volunteer must be able to follow the ground rules of training. The programme will runs for 12 weeks throughout the year.
Volunteers must have a full driver's licence for at least 2 years, be a commitment required - two hours per week that will suit a volunteer.

Police check required.

Artist's Companion (Elderly)

To work one to one with residents that like to paint and chat over a cuppa while painting.
A police check will be done.

Crafts with the Elderly

Looking for someone to help other staff with crafts and other activities that happen at Brightwater Home.
Police check will be done.

Shop Assistant (rest home)

Manage the rest home on site shop. Must be able to handle money, and keep a register of sales.
Shop is in the main entry foyer - limited interaction with residents.

Van Drivers

Driving vans to pick up Seniors and bring to activities.
Afternoon tea is provided. The volunteer is welcome to play cards, scrabble etc and interact with the seniors while they are at the Friendship Centre.

Van Helper

Helping the Driver to pick up Seniors to transport to activities event. Putting steps downs, helping in and out of van, ensuring seatbelts are done up. Helping passengers from van to homes.

Morning and afternoon tea is provided. Volunteer is welcome to play cards, scrabble etc and interact with the seniors while they are at the Friendship Centre.

Friendship Volunteer

ON HOLD UNTIL 16/01/2023
Make a difference in someone’s life and volunteer as a friendship buddy for a person with a disability.
We are looking for volunteers who have the qualities of being reliable, caring, empathetic, having a sense of humour and having some fun. We thrive on seeing people smile and laugh.
No experience within the disability sector is needed for this role - our coordinator will support you and encourage you to gain confidence and skills to ensure it’s empowering for you and your buddy.
You will spend time with your buddy visiting them at their home or going out in the community to local cafes to have a cuppa, going out walking at local parks/beaches, getting creative by doing some arts and crafts…the choices are endless. It’s about you and your buddy enjoying each other’s company and participating in similar interests and hobbies together.

“A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be”

Training is available (this can be discussed at the informal meet and greet with our coordinator)

Location: Palmerston North, Feilding, Levin

Dates/Hours: 1-4 hours per week

Charity Shop Volunteer - Central

Sorting donated goods. Processing sales and providing good customer service. This would be great work experience for school leavers, or people re-entering the workforce. Opportunity to gain references and experience for your CV.

Parking in King Street, or we can arrange pick-up and drop-off from any city location.

Location: Palmerston North

Dates/Hours: Volunteer can choose - Tuesday-Friday. Shifts are 10am-1am and 1-4pm.

Music Therapy for the Elderly

To be able to work with the elderly making them feel part of the programme.

Piano Player or Organist

Playing the piano or organ for our chapel services when needed. Able to relate well with elderly.

Volunteer Coordinator

Coordinate our buddy reading volunteers who visit local schools and spend time in the classroom to build intergenerational relationships, share stories, and help the kids develop their reading skills. Prepare the weekly roster, find replacements for absences as needed, check-in regularly with volunteers, recruit and train new volunteers. Someone who has access to a car and is Feilding based or nearby. I would like the coordinator to take over training of new volunteers which sometimes requires going to them wherever they are in the District.

Health Shuttle

Either drive or support driver to take people to health appointments in Feilding and Palmerston North. Vehicle provided.

PEP (PARS Engagement) Programme

Picking clients up from prison on day of release.
Supporting clients within the community once released e.g taking to appointments

Location: Palmerston North, Levin, Linton

Dates/Hours: Days and times will vary

Shop Volunteers

Sorting and selling our quality donated goods would be the primary duties, but we are also keen to recruit volunteers who are creative and like to dabble in display and upcycling.

Location: Palmerston North

Dates/Hours: To be discussed between: Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm


Ensure that the rules are followed, Convene Meetings, Chair Meetings, deciding who may speak and when, Oversee the operation of the society, Give a report on the operation of the Society at each AGM, To represent the Support Committee and perform any public speaking role, to encourage effective and regular communication between land and water-based exercise groups.

Card and games

Any day or times is fine. For the mans group that need a man to run the group playing cards or playing a game of pool and just general chit chat.

Sewing Stars to Support and Guide Former Refugees

Support and guide former refugee ladies who want to be part of a sewing group.

Programme Supporters

To work with in a group setting with the Coordinator to provide and understand life skills experiences for people with criminal backgrounds. Must be male.
Pilot programme do 12 weeks as part of an introduction of the programme to the Manawatu.

Book Group Coordinator / Writing Stories

Helping to write the residents' life stories. Making a book that their family can look at.

One-to-One Companion / Builder's Companion / Artist's Companion

Seeking people who are able to work one-on-one with aging individuals for companionship in a supported environment.

Piano Player or Organist / Musician Entertainer / Singing Leader

Someone able to play the piano or organ - especially as an accompaniment to a sing-a-long, does not have to be perfect!
Willing and able to relate to the elderly.

Meditation and Relaxation Leader

Someone who can lead a small group through meditation and relaxation techniques.