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Volunteering roles available in Tararua.
Keen to apply for it? Contact: or 06 354 6027.

Grant Researcher

We are seeking volunteers as Grants Researchers for a not-for-profit organisation. The role involves identifying grant opportunities on a national and regional level, creating a funding calendar, and regularly reporting progress to the Manager/Educator. Volunteers must adhere to our policies and procedures, and comprehensive training will be provided as needed, including education on endometriosis.

Location: Work from home

Dates/Hours: Any days depending on applicant

Work from home
Translation Proofreader

Volunteers needed to proofread translated material, including brochures and information guides on endometriosis. Requires fluency or reasonable experience in the language being proofread, good written English skills, technical proficiency with Canva, and understanding of the translation language's culture. Must have strong communication skills, and be reliable and diligent. Computer literate and have internet access. Training provided for Canva.

Location: Work from home

Dates/Hours: Any days depending on applicant

Work from home
Community Ambassador

Do you live in a rural community? Do you love talking? Do you enjoy working within your local community? Would you like to help teenagers and adults in your community who struggle with the basics of reading and writing? We will provide you with training and give ongoing support. Over 1 in 10 New Zealanders struggle to read and write. Living with low literacy impacts many aspects of life including health, finances, employment opportunities, well-being and self-esteem. This work changes lives and it makes a real difference.
We are looking for local ambassadors to represent us in your community - to help spread the word about our free services by helping us build and maintain relationships with local organisations and people. It will include distributing posters, and leaflets (or telling us where to send them), attending community network meetings, events and lots of liaising with community groups or businesses so we can help our low literacy youth and adults reach their potential.

Dates/Hours: This opportunity is flexible. You will need to report back to the Community Coordinator at least once a month with what you have been doing. You can request help at any time. You will also be part of a community of Regional Ambassadors who will share their experiences and give each other support through our Slack messaging.

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