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Here are the nominees for the Volunteer Recognition Event 2020

Mandy Matthews

MASH Trust


Mandy is a friendship buddy. She gifts her time for the simple reason that she enjoys helping others and wants to add quality to peoples ‘lives


Digits Charitable Trust


Priyanka is a tutor and board member. She teach students and parents how to use online learning education and how to keep safe on the internet.

Raewyn Marshal

Kind Hearts

raewyn Marshall .jpg

Raewyn is Schools Facilitator. She believes passionately in the outcomes of empowering children with positive, kind and compassionate values.

Blair Kennard

MASH Trust


Blair is a Friendship Buddy. He is reliable and committed to making his buddies have a reason to smile and have something to look forward to in their week

Nahal Ghamkhar

Manawatu Multicultural Council


Nahal is a designer and support worker for the Kiwi Club. She is a very motivated individual who is very much involved in the community. Her commitment at such a young age impresses.

Muriel Sutherland

MASH Trust


Muriel is Friendship Buddy. She is dedicated to making a difference in their buddies life and always ensures she never lets them down. 

Elizabeth Manson

SPELADD New Zealand

elizabeth .jpg

Elizabeth is tutor and president. She has been a long-time advocate and tutor for people with learning disabilities, ADHD and high functioning autism.

Naomi Simpson

Mentor Ed


Naomi is a mentor. Children and staff alike found her to be professional, supportive and caring. She immediately attracted a swarm of young students

Jonathan Spencer

Mentor Ed


Jon is mentor and board chair. He set up the MentorEd Charitable Trust where he continues to volunteer to this day.  He created the group’s website, set up databases and provides all the IT and technical support to the group

Jessica Thompson

Kind Hearts

Jessica photo.jpg

Jessica is Peggy Purl Co-ordinator. She Jessica is always willing to step up. Her tireless organisation and encouragement of others result in the donation of over 400 blankets just last year.

Angelina Smith

Forest and Bird

Angelina pic1.png

Angelina is a KCC Coordinator. She goes way beyond this, running events almost every month. She has done do much to educate and inspire children in the region.

Ian Rasmussen

Environment Network Manawatu


Ian is a Representative of Ruahine Whio Protection Trust. He works towards making New Zealand predator-free. He also does an extraordinary work assisting with funding applications

Richard Ram Web Design

Environmental Network Manawatu


Richard Ram Web Design is a business that voluntarily assists with strategy, planning, design, development and ongoing management of ENM’s IT needs. Richard also using new and emerging digital channels to educate and motivate people

Allan Lowe

PN Street Van

Allan Lowe.jpg

Allan is a volunteer at Street Van since 1998 as a driver but in 2000 he also became chairperson of the committee. Four years ago he become an employee in this organisation, however still volunteers.

Dulcie Clausen

Charity Shop PN


Dulcie is a shop volunteer who goes above and beyond training volunteers, always generous with her time and resources. She is inspiring, capable caring and humble. 

Pam Turner

SuperGrans Mentoring

Pam Turner.jpg

Pam is an incredible workshop sewing mentor and a very skilled seamstress. She is unfailingly reliable and keen to go the extra mile

Nola Fox

Nola Fox ventured into volunteering with non-profits over thirty years ago. Her work aims to educate the public about New Zealand’s lesser-known native species and setting an example for the young generation to emulate.

Environmental Network Manawatu

Donna Clapham

Arohanui Hospice


Donna volunteers at the Hospice Store for five years now. She not only sorts, prices and displays jewelry, but also turns old objects into beautiful candles, terrariums. 

Jill Reiche

English Language Partners PN

Jill Photo 1.JPG

Jill is a home tutor assisting former refugees. She is a perfect example example of how a home tutor will ‘go the extra mile’ for their learner and for the learner’s family.

Allison Smith

SuperGrans Mentoring

Allison Smith 2.jpg

Allison teaches people to cook, knit, and sew in both group workshops and one-on-one in-home mentoring. She is kind, gentle, a pleasure to be around, and is incredibly dependable in whatever she does

Bev Killington

English Language Partners PN

Bev photo 1.jpg

Bev is a home tutor and helps out in an ESOL Literacy class. She is a natural teacher who knows instinctively how to encourage learners by letting them give it a try themselves and when to step in and help.

Lorrielle Ascroft

PN Street Van

Lorrielle Ascroft.jpg

Lorrielle shows her compassion to people who are in need, by willingly coming out on the Van and talking to people while serving hot drinks and foods. she is studying nursing . She will be a good nurse one day as she knows how to genuinely care

What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal. 

- Albert Pike

Special Thank You:

To Ankita Khokhariya!

She is a UCOL Project Management student and our intern for this semester.

Her project was to assist in the planning and delivery of this event. And she did an amazing job.

Having Ankita on the team made a difference and allowed this event to be even better.

We hope she had the chance to learn all she needed with this work experience opportunity.

To Cindy and Jack!

They were our amazing volunteer photographers at the event and thanks to their hard work and kindness we have captured all the wonderful moments.


To Amy and Mahnoor!

Outstanding singers who volunteered at the event, making it even more memorable. 

Ankita, Cindy, Jack, Amy and Mahnoor, ka pai!

Here are the proud sponsors:

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Makino Dairy, Feilding

Here are the proud supporters:

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