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Volunteer Recognition Event 2021 - June



Thank you all organisation for putting the nominations forward! Nominees will be announced soon!!! The celebration will be held during National Volunteer Week in June.

Keen to support this event?

We are looking for sponsors and collaborators!

Check complete information here

Volunteering Day - Camellia House

We are planning a one-off event to help Camellia House to organise a shed. Keen to join us?

We'll move some furniture,  sort clothes, toys, and kitchen items.  Expressions of interest:

Volunteering Expo Palmy 2021 - September

The 2020 Expo was a success and we are hosting it again this year. Keep an eye on our newsletters and social media posts! We will confirm the date soon. 


Limited spaces, so register now to guarantee your space. Flick an email to

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Courses in Levin

Are you aware of the regular programmes and classes available at the Te Whare Mahana Community Hub? No, then check this out!

Tutor qualification 

Literacy Aotearoaoffer the New Zealand Certificate in Adult Tertiary Teaching, Level 4 and Adult Literacy and Numeracy Education (Vocational/Workplace), Level 5 Qualifications. 


Free course to eligible learners.

Virtual Facilitation Part 3

Online - 02 June 2021

Forget Zoom Fatigue. Become a Confident Virtual Facilitator. A 3-part webinar series covers the tools and skills you need to effectively facilitate and communicate during online meetings.

Online Mental Health First Aid - St John

Online Mental Health First Aid training will teach you the skills and knowledge to recognise and respond to someone experiencing these mental health concerns. 

First Aid Courses - Red Cross

See their full range of courses which meet your first aid training needs.  Browse courses for your workplace, community, outdoor event, or specialised field of work

Free Courses

Literacy Aotearoa offers courses: Computer, Financial, Digital, Literacy, Language and Numeracy, Learner License, etc. 

Successful Volunteer Retention - Online - 05 May 2021

his workshop has a focus on volunteer retention and will explore: importance of treating volunteers like customers; how to improve your recruitment road map; difference between recognition and acknowledgement, etc.

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