The engagement of Youth in Volunteering is critical to building a strong society.


The community benefits from young people's energy and enthusiasm, but even more from their new ideas, creativity, innovation, and their ability to adapt.

Young people benefit from the experience (both personal and professional); from the opportunity to know their own community and understand its needs; from getting confidence, knowing they can make a difference.

That's why Volunteer Central attend and host events dedicated to Youth.





at Massey Palmerston North

MUSA Market Day happens every year and aims to gather a diverse range of organisations that can assist students during their time at Massey and in Palmy.

Thank you Courtney McLellan, Advertising and Sales Coordinator from MUSA for the invitation. At this event there were religious, electoral, sport, games, employment and cultural related organisations. Great to see  Volunteering being considered relevant by a youth organisation as MUSA.

IPU New Zealand

Introdution to Volunteering


at IPU New Zealand Ccampu

IPU New Zealand mainly operates with international students. Most of them are far from home for the first time. Therefore, we made an "Introduction to  Volunteering" aiming to open this door of possibilities to them. What a better way to experience Kiwi life than being part of a local organisation? It allows them to have contact with palmy residents and make friends, to enhance their communication skills, to develop life-skills and build international work experience.

It's a chance to engage in a project, be part of something different and feel at home.



at UCOL Palmerston North

At this event VC talked to UCOL student (local and international) about how Volunteering could assist in their professional path and also their settlement as newcomers in town. 

We would like to thank Ty Weeks, UCOL Employability Coordinator - Student Success, for the opportunity to showcase to students that volunteer work experience is valued in New Zealand and how youth can enjoy and benefit from it. 

At this event we were amoung big players as OneStaff, Drake, Air Force, etc, proving that Volunteering is a great starting point in a young person's career, change of career or a way to be active part of the community.